Pando Daily: [Video] Andrew Chung is a VC trying to change how we recharge

In the tech world, no one gets a bad rap like the venture capitalist. Often derided as opportunists and gold diggers who take advantage of passionate and eager startups with unfavorable valuations, some entrepreneurs see VCs as a necessary evil to scale their disruptive idea to a national or global stage. Sometimes, though, these VCs are the greatest allies and closest advisors to the founders. They are often the unsung heroes who fuel and guide innovation.  

Still, with the cost of starting and operating a company dropping precipitously, where do Venture Capitalists fit in, if at all?  How can they bring value to an up-and-coming business? As every aspect of our lives -- and how we do business -- changes from the impact of technology and the Internet, so must financing all of these disruptive dreams.