Huffpost Business: Former Pop Star Investor Launches New VC Firm, Targets China and Developing World

Here's a question you probably don't think about that often: what's so special about the year 1955?

Besides the resignation of Winston Churchill and the passing of Albert Einstein, 1955 was also arguably one of the most important years in technology that went by unnoticed at the time. It marked the birth of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Apple founder Steve Jobs and Alphabet Inc. (formerly Google) executive chairman Eric Schmidt - people who would eventually lead the charge towards realizing a technologically-infused age. 1955 also marked the birth of billionaire, technology pioneer and clean-tech investor Vinod Khosla. 

Now, a former partner at Khosla's eponymous venture capital firm, Khosla Ventures, is determined to acknowledge the momentous year with the launch of his new VC firm, 1955 Capital.