Business Insider: 40 and Under Silicon Valley Biotech Stars: Ben Tseng

Putting millions of dollars into bold new technologies can be a delicate business when lives hang in the balance. But every day some of the sharpest minds in Silicon Valley make big bets on tools and techniques that promise to cure disease, help fix the food system, and even prolong life…. These are the most interesting and ambitious biotech investors, age 40 and under, on the West Coast:

Benjamin Tseng is a principal at venture-capital firm 1955 Capital, where he focuses on advanced technologies in energy, healthcare, food, agriculture, and new manufacturing models…. Tseng is interested in the potential for emerging technologies to help feed the planet and spot disease early. He's also focused on healthcare and renewable energy. His firm has a particular emphasis on connecting startups in North America and Europe with market opportunities in China, which has some of the largest global demand for new products focused on health and clean tech.