Developing countries have survival-driven demands
that can accelerate tech commercialization

Over the next decade, the developing world will face an onslaught of challenges in energy and environment, food safety and supply, and access to healthcare and education. In China, the fast-growing middle class and aging population are putting pressure on Chinese leaders and businesses to find ways to solve them. Other developing countries are on the brink of facing similar issues. We believe these problems are so big, technology is the answer.

1955 Capital will invest in advanced technologies from the Americas and Europe that have the potential to solve these pressing problems. With a first close on $200 million completed, we are ready to help entrepreneurs and innovators gain direct access to these large and explosive end-markets to help accelerate technology commercialization, create jobs, and foster partnerships that will support their long-term growth and development. We will help bring nations closer together by matching the ingenuity of the West with the growing survival-driven demands of the East.

The firm was founded in the Fall of 2015 by Andrew Chung, a former general partner at Khosla Ventures with extensive experience and success investing in these areas and commercializing technologies in China and beyond.

We will target high-impact investment themes



Prevent 2 million annual deaths due to air pollution in China. Reduce the high incidence of chronic asthma in India.



Slow China's growth in heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Alleviate the increasing healthcare burden from rising wages & aging population.


Deliver safe drinking water to 600 million people in China and India. Decontaminate 25% of China's farmland.


Make manufacturing growth sustainable via latest advances in 3D printing, robotics, machine vision, networking, IOT, and sensors.