1955 Capital will aim to think different:

  • Invest in advanced technology from the Americas and Europe to help solve developing world challenges across energy, food, agriculture, health, education, and sustainable manufacturing. Don't invest only in “what’s hot” and in companies with a “U.S. angle."

  • Serve as a cultural bridge by assisting management teams in evaluating and potentially entering China, India and other emerging markets. Don't just advise companies to focus narrow-mindedly on the U.S. market and render frontier markets an afterthought. 

  • Identify arbitrage opportunities to leverage gaps across geographies in technology, regulations, capital availability, and culture to maximize both impact and return. Don't follow the herd mentality common with many U.S. investors.

  • Identify strategic partners in China, India and other developing countries in each problem space to assist with cross-border execution. Don't ignore such partners out of fear of the unknown.

1955 was a seminal year when one generation of revolutionaries passed the torch to another.  Contrarian individuals or concepts that were innovative, provocative, and controversial – who changed their course of industries.  We aim to bring that type of thinking and insight to the way we build a new brand of investment firm that aspires to go against the grain and defy convention.



Albert Einstein
(1879-1955, relativity)

Alexander Fleming
(1881-1955, penicillin)

Charlie Parker
(1920-1955, bebop jazz)

Cy Young
(1867-1955, baseball)


Alexander Fleming.jpg

Bill Gates
(1955- , Microsoft)

Steve Jobs
(1955-2011, Apple)

Vinod Khosla
(1955- , Sun, Kleiner Perkins)

Eric Schmidt
(1955- , Sun, Google)